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Signs From Spirit

Recently, I was giving a reading to two lovely ladies and the father (in spirit) mentioned that he sends signs frequently “in the house”. Both of my clients lit up and validated that yes, they see frequent, unique, and multiple signs in the house.

I wanted to briefly discuss signs because I think most people talk themselves out of the signs spirit sends. Signs from above don’t have to be unique or out of the ordinary. Of course they can be, and many times they are. However, signs can also be average (dare I say it). It often times can be something you can explain away...if you choose to.

Spirit has told me multiple times that their loved ones don’t notice the signs or don’t believe them. It’s easy for us to allow our left brain to say “Oh the was just a butterfly” or “That coin in front of me just fell out of someone’s pocket”. Well, maybe...but maybe not.

I encourage you to notice what’s happening in your life right before or around the time you see the sign. Are you stressed, worried, anxious about something? Are you really missing someone in the spirit realm? Is there a big change happening in your life? This is certainly not the only time spirit sends signs, but it’s a common time for them to do so.

I remember the first time I gave a group reading. I was so nervous. I noticed I kept hearing a certain song on the radio the week prior to my event. During the group reading one of the spirits came through and mentioned this particular song as one of his favorites. I thought that was interesting and it gave me validation that he was coming around me prior to the reading. What really confirmed this sign for me was, I heard it again on the way home from my event! Furthermore, whenever I get worried or nervous about something, I will hear that song. This is years later! I always tell spirit “Thank You” because it reminds me that they are always around me, supporting me, helping me and watching over me.

What are some of the signs you see? Or hear, or feel or dream? Do you believe in signs from spirit?

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