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Holiday Sadness

Holidays can be hard. Not everyone is feeling happy and merry even though that is what society, our culture, maybe even our family and friends expect from us. When we’ve lost someone to physical death, nothing is the same. Life is different. We feel different. We ARE different.

Several months ago I was in a clinical training about grief. One of the things discussed was how important it is for someone in bereavement to “continue the bond” they have with their loved one. This is something that is unique to everyone. This “bond” or connection can be created in many ways. It could be writing letters to your loved one that you keep in a special journal dedicated only to them. It could be done though talking to them (no you’re not crazy). It could be done through prayer or meditation. Whatever feels right to you.

As a medium, I know that your loved ones in the spirit world can hear your thoughts and prayers. They can hear your spoken words. They are still very aware of the connections you have with them. Those of us here on the earth plane can typically only perceive through our 5 senses so it’s difficult to “feel” our loved ones around us. We need concrete validation. Unfortunately, we cannot get that through our normal senses. Although you cannot see, hear or touch your loved one, you can FEEL them. Trust and have faith that it’s them. That’s a connection! I know from my experiences talking with those on the other side that they are always reaching out to us. They want us to know they are ok and that they are still in our lives. That they are not dead, but are very much alive outside of the physical body.

This is a new reality for everyone and adjusting to this takes time. Have patience, give yourself some grace, feel your feelings, connect with others and create a new bond with your loved one. Life continues on following the physical death of the body.

We remain connected to our loved ones through the power of our love for them and through their love for us. Jesus said there is eternal life and in this season of Christmas, know that this is true.

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