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We are connected to everything: people, places, objects, animals and more. Although we cannot SEE these connections or attachments with our eyes, we can and often do FEEL them.

It is our human nature to become attached to others. We are literally attached to our mothers through the umbilical cord. Even once we are separated via “cutting the cord”, mother’s often report knowing when their child is hurt, upset or in danger. Mothers just know. But how?

Quite simply, mothers know through the energetic cord that connects her to her child. This cord can never be severed. Cords exist not only between mother and child, but between people and places, people and objects, people and animals and of course between people and people (in the physical world AND the spirit world.) There are actually many more cords that exist, including cords to our ancestors, various family members, lovers (past and present), pets, homes, land, addictions, patterns, obsessions, enemies and even strangers.

Cords are also referred to as ‘Energy Strands’, ‘Ribbons’, ‘Threads’ and ‘Strings’. Our subconscious minds acknowledge these cords. We often use terms such as “No strings attached” or “It’s time to cut the cord”.

Cords can be as thick as a Redwood tree or as thin as a spider web. Some cords are strong and sturdy whereas others are limp, twisted and weak.

Cords or Energy Strands are created when we have attachments (no matter how strong or weak) to another person, place, etc. We can even develop a cord just by talking to someone. These energy strands are lines of communication that connect us to people, places and things.

Strong emotions such as love and fear travel through the cords from one person to the next. Physical pain, pleasure, knowledge and wisdom can travel through them as well. These cords can cause us to feel energized or depleted depending on whom the cord connects us to.

Have you ever felt drained after talking with someone? You felt fine before the conversation, but after a few moments with that person, you are tired and depleted? It’s because on an energetic level, that person drained you via the energetic cord connecting you to them. The opposite can be true too (thankfully!) You could be feeling normal and then after talking with a person or snuggling your pet, you feel uplifted and happy. Again, energy is being transmitted between the two of you through the energy strands connecting you.

Because of this transmission of energy between us and our environment, it’s important to take care of ourselves on an energetic level. The first step is of course becoming aware of the “ties that bind”. If you find yourself thinking of a person, place or situation frequently, you most likely have a cord attached to them. If you feel drained by this cord, there are things you can do to release this energy in a safe manner for both you and the other person, place or situation.

Here are some specific guidelines to help you cut negative and unwanted cords:

1) Meditate and Locate:

Go into meditation or a quiet frame of mind and locate where you feel the cord on your body. They can be attached to us anywhere on our physical body.

2) Non Physical Cord Cutting:

*Cleanse yourself via shower or bath using salt to scrub your body and then a cold rinse afterwards (this cleans your aura). You can use Epsom salts or a salt scrub.

*Drink plenty of filtered water.

*Write down exactly who or what you want to release. Light a candle and place your list under the candle.

*Sit in a comfortable position and relax, taking deep cleansing breaths.

*Call upon your guides and/or angels to help you release what no longer serves you.

*Visualize yourself standing on a pathway in a beautiful park. Anyone or anything that has attachments to you can approach you via this path as you wish.

*Cut and Release. As you see the first person approach you, if their cords to you are beautiful and vibrant, you may consider leaving them alone. If the cords are dull or twisted, take your energetic knife/scissors and cut the cords. Do this as many times as needed. *Do NOT use a physical knife. This is all done in your mind as it’s energy cords you are severing not physical cords.

*As you cut, say in your mind or out loud “What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours.” Or “Only that which is beneficial remains.”

*Offer gratitude to the person or situation for being in your life and send them sincere blessings for their own journey. This is the important last step, as we don’t want to create a new cord based on your anger or resentment. It completes the cycle and will make it easier for you to move forward in your life.

*Blow out the candle. Tear up and throw away your list (preferably in a trash can away from your home.)

You should feel lighter after you cut the cords. If you don’t feel any different, you may need to go back in and find the cords that still remain.

3)Protect your energy field

You can use visualizations, crystals, essential oils and prayers/mantras to help shield you from unwanted energy strands and attachments. There are many different ways to protect your energy in order to avoid becoming depleted in the future.

Imagining a white light around your body, filling your energy field is a good visualization to have. Black Tourmaline is a good protective crystal to keep on your person to thwart unwanted energies. Some good protective essential oils are: Frankincense, Sage, Orange and Myrrh. Placing a few drops on your chakra points throughout the day or as needed is also a good way to protect yourself and keep your energy field clean and strong.

In closing, it’s important to remember that our body, mind and spirit are all connected. If your energetic field is out of balance, you emotions and potentially your physical body will be too. Take time to care for your energy field on a daily basis by using one (or all) of the above suggestions…you won’t regret it.

Lots of love,


*If you would like to learn more about energetic cords, the book, “Energy Strands” by Denise Linn is a wonderful and informative read about this topic. The above cord cutting guideline was taken from her book.

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