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4 Ways To Get The Best Mediumship Reading

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

One of the things I like to discuss with each of my clients before I give a reading is how to create the best environment to facilitate Spirit communication. Most of my clients are surprised to find out that they play a role in how Spirit communicates with them. Yes, it’s up to the Medium to create the material environment by lifting the vibration of the physical space, such as clearing it energetically, using essential oils, having fresh flowers, etc. And of course the Medium is fully responsible for their own personal vibration being in the most receptive state to perceive Spirit.

However, I have listed 4 important things that the “Sitter” (yes, that’s what Mediums call their clients) can do to help enhance the experience and make it easier for people in the Spirit realm to connect with those of us here on the physical plane.

1) Be Open

I know it sounds simple and you may be thinking, “Of course I’m open!” Well…maybe you’re not as open as you think, and here’s what I’m referring to: When many of us reach out to a Medium, we typically have a particular person we want to hear from. And, we typically have a particular message we want to hear as well. It’s almost like a little unintentional game we play in our minds. “Well, if I hear from so and so and they tell me this particular detail….then I’ll believe it’s true.” I know this happens all the time because I've seen it in my practice, I’ve seen it in Mediumship trainings (even when Mediums read each other), and I’m guilty of this too! Yes, when I’ve gone to Mediums in the past, I’ve had the same thoughts in my mind. For years, I went to Mediums and wanted to hear a particular message from my Grandmother. Have I heard from her over the years? Absolutely. Have I gotten my specific message? Nope. And I’ve gone to some pretty amazing Mediums!

But here’s what could have gotten in the way of me not hearing what I wanted to: First, by me focusing on hearing from one specific person and one specific message, I was unintentionally blocking the overall energy. James VanPraagh always says, “Mediumship is 3 way communication.” It’s between Spirit, the Medium AND the Sitter. If the Sitter is blocking the energy (by focusing only on what they hope to hear) they make it more difficult for ANY messages to come through. Yes, it’s true. You can’t pull a person in Spirit or a message to you by focusing on it so intensely. Spirit people are all around us and they are always trying to communicate with us! Try your best to relax and authentically be open to receiving whatever Spirit has to say and to whoever shows up.

2) Meditate and/or Pray Before Your Session

This is a perfect follow up to the above discussion about unintentionally blocking the energy of a reading . Prayer and/or meditation are great ways to lift your own vibration, which makes it easier for people in Spirit to connect with you. It’s also a way to send your intentions to the Spirit world of whom you want to hear from and what you want to hear. Take some time to do this before you go to your reading, and then release it. Let it go. People in the Spirit realm can always hear our thoughts and prayers. Now it’s time to relax and trust that you will get exactly what you are meant to in your reading. And who knows, you may be surprised by who shows up and what they have to say!

Also, please know this: Not every person in Spirit knows how to communicate with a Medium…yet. You’re loved one may still be trying to figure out how to connect telepathically, so please be patient. If whom you’re hoping to hear from doesn’t show up, try again in the future. Remember, your loved ones are always around and wanting to connect with you.

3) Don’t Drink Alcohol or Use Substances Before a Reading

I know this might not seem like a big deal to people, but really it is. Again, we are trying our best to create a clear and receptive environment for our Spirit friends to connect with us. If you are not clear and receptive because you’re under the influence, well, don’t have" high" (no pun intended) expectations for your reading. As I said before, a mediumship reading is 3 way communication, so your clarity is just as important as the Medium’s and the Spirit’s.

If you’re nervous, talk to your Medium about it. Really, there’s nothing to be afraid of. If you want to have a drink (hopefully to celebrate reconnecting with your loved one), please do so after your session.

4) Don’t Eat a Heavy Meal Right Before a Reading

Ok, hear me out on this one. Please remember that in order to get the best connection with the higher realms, we must be at a higher vibration ourselves. As a Medium, I am very mindful of the food I eat the on the days I give readings. I keep with mostly a light diet (salads, vegan smoothies, etc.) and I don’t eat 2 hours before I give a reading. This is so my body can be focused on the Spirit realms instead of digesting. It’s similar for you, the Sitter. If you just drank 5 cups of coffee and you’re so caffeinated you can’t focus, it will effect the reading. If you just ate a lot of sugar and you’re experiencing a sugar crash, it will effect your ability to focus and think clearly. Or if you just ate steak and potatoes, you may be feeling so full that you’re not 100% alert. Believe me, it does make a difference.

The Medium will need you to be able to validate the information they’re perceiving from Spirit, so please be fully present. Can you eat before a reading? Of course. Just make sure it’s something light and that it won’t effect your ability to focus and remember important information. You won’t regret it. And you’ll be glad you were in the best frame of mind for your loved ones in Spirit.

So go grab that cheeseburger and beer AFTER the reading and celebrate the little miracle of Mediumship! You’ll be glad you waited.

Lots of love to you and yours,


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